207th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo

The art of reenactment is a duty to remember !


After two stalled meetings due to health restrictions, 2022 is finally the opportunity to organize the

the opportunity to organize the traditional reenactment of the battle of Waterloo.

RECONSTITUTION: SATURDAY June 18th at 8:00 pm and SUNDAY June 19th at 10:30 am

Around all the historical actors of the battle and more than 2000 reenactors, the public will

the public will relive the battle scenes of June 18, 1815! The sounds of sabers, cavalry charges

cavalry charges and cannon fire will come from all sides while the smoke of ammunition will spread over the

will spread over the battlefield.

“Waterloo, Waterloo, Waterloo, dreary plain…” said the poet.

The public will relive the key moments of the battle that decided the fate of Europe.

On the crest of Mont-Saint-Jean, the Allies in defensive formation await the shock of the

French attack columns. Opposite, the public will follow Napoleon directing the assaults of his army from his command table. Charges and counter-charges in the smoke of battle will shake the ground.



Price of the reenactment show: from 15€ to 45€ depending on the placement

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Weekend historique 1815

22 & 23 juin 2024
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